I am a publisher, art director and creative consultant specialising in the creation of books on the visual arts and pop culture. I am the founder of videogame history imprint Read-Only Memory, the co-founder of publishing platform Volume, a commissioning editor for Thames & Hudson and the producer of videogame culture magazine A Profound Waste of Time. I live and work in Valencia, Spain.


Read-Only Memory

I am the founder and editor-in-chief of Read-Only Memory, a publishing imprint that specialises in books on videogames and their surrounding subcultures. Founded in 2012, ROM has so far released over 20 titles, unified in their focus on exhaustive research and beautiful design. So far, its books have covered subjects such as Street Fighter II, the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis console, the birth of the Japanese games industry, and the pixel typography of early arcade games. Read-Only Memory was acquired by Thames & Hudson in 2022 with a view to expanding its own videogame book publishing activities. I continue to act as ROM’s editor-in-chief, seeking to grow its publishing activities into all areas of the videogame medium.


I co-founded Volume, a curated publishing platform specialising in books on visual culture, which was conceived and built with international illustrated book publisher Thames & Hudson. Eschewing the conventions of mass market publishing, Volume focusses on publishing projects that speak to fandoms, subcultures and niche interests, realising books via fixed-time funding campaigns and limited editions. Since its inception in 2017, Volume has raised over a million pounds in pledges and published books across varied genres including graphic design, videogames, music, and photography.

Thames & Hudson

As a commissioning editor for Thames & Hudson – one of the world’s most respected illustrated book publishers – I am tasked with developing new publishing projects in the areas of art, design, photography, videogames, music, and pop culture. My role involves all aspects of the publishing process, spanning editorial planning, art direction, financial modelling, production, marketing, and fulfilment.

A Profound Waste of Time

I was approached by design graduate Caspian Whistler to assist in launching a new videogame culture magazine based around a zine created as part of his degree course. The zine had attracted a great deal of praise and attention amongst the gaming community, prompting Whistler to set about developing the concept into a fully fledged publication. A Profound Waste of Time’s mission is to celebrate and elevate gaming culture and discussion, eschewing news and reviews of favour of a more timeless editorial approach to the the medium, punctuated with original artwork from the world’s leading illustrators. I provide regular support and mentorship for Whistler on all aspects of APWOT’s production, including content commissioning, art direction and print production.

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